Hey everyone! Here it is – the LAST installment of our November 2020 Pre-trip report series situation thing.

And I know. That SOUNDS like something sad. But it’s also a sign of wonderful things to come. Like an actual vacation.

Oh, a vacation? Webster defines it as:

I define it as:

But yeah, the end of a pre-trip reports signals the beginning of an actual trip. And the end of that actual trip signals the beginning of a post-trip report. And the end of a post-trip report signals the beginning of rejoining our slow march towards the dark abyss. 

To everything. Turn. Turn. Sign. Turn.

But before we start off that whole chain reaction, let’s get on with this post right?

So as I alluded to in the title, this one has us road-tripping once again. Which has me realizing something. You guys haven’t even seen our road trip mix for this trip.

And saying that sentence has me realizing something. You guys never even asked to see our road trip mix for this trip.

And coming to that realization has me realizing something. I don’t care because I need some filler for this post on account of it’s hard to write a lot of words about trips that haven’t happened yet in a post which is on the Internet like this one and therefore, filler helps to make a post look longer and more well-thought out than it actually is.

Right. So the playlist.

As you will see in this playlist, there are a few different music types going on. These fall into really five different main types of music (with some serious overlap):

  1. Regular, normal music that we like – I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory
  2. Road trip music – Music that focuses on (A) going on a road trip (B) driving, or (C) places one may visit on a road trip
  3. Sing-a-long music – Music that makes people want to sing along with it. Doy.
  4. Disney music – I mean, we ARE going to Walt Disney World.  But I mean, Disney music may actually be the most oft-listened to genre of music in our household. Well, and Adult Contemporary.
  5. Christmas music – Yeah, Halloween is over. It’s officially Christmas. Deal with it.

And like I said – there is obvious some overlap. For example, “On the Open Road” from A Goofy Movie is Disney music, Road Trip music, AND sing-a-long music. So yeah.

Anyways, here’s the list.

Why yes, it IS over 20 hours long.

And honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone else would need a Disney Christmas Road Trip mix besides us right now, but eh. There are much more useless things on the Internet. Like GPS systems. And Perez Hilton.

And this thing – The Calary Useless Box. Which literally has the term “Useless Box” in its title.

Actually, the full name of this product is Calary Useless Box Turns Itself Off in Box Alone Machine Fully Assembled in Box (Brown). And there IS this image on the product page…

…which shows that this product is not only for Family Toys and Special Gift but also can be used for Relieving Pressure Partner AND To Increase the Friendship.

So I guess it’s not all that useless.

Hm? Oh right. The pre-trip report. Fine. Let’s do that then.

Day 10 – Leaving Hilton Head, SC, heading to Virginia Beach

On Day 10, we will wake up in our room at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort somewhat leisurely maybe. While we aren’t in a HUGE rush, we do plan on hitting the road by 11AM.

This should allow time for breakfast as well as maybe a nice morning walk or dip in the pool, depending on the weather.

For breakfast, there are a couple options. We could hit the resort’s counter service type option – Tide Me Over, which has some standard Disney breakfast fare – Bounty Platters, Mickey Waffles, Breakfast Sandwiches – as well as some other more standout options like Chicken and Waffles or Salted Caramel Banana Bread French Toast.

Yeah. Salted Caramel Banana Bread French Toast. Which definitely on name alone stands out next to things like Yogurt and Biscuit Sandwich.

But there are also options nearby if we are looking for anything more sit-down ish. Across the street, I know for a fact there is a Cracker Barrel. And I mean, I know Cracker Barrel leaves me disappointed more often than not, those commercials they are currently running advertising their country fried turkey are kind of giving me a sense of hope in this otherwise cold, cruel world.

And their Grandma’s Holiday Sampler (Country Fried Turkey, Buttermilk Pancakes, Hashbrown Casserole, and Two Eggs) is like all kinds of HELLO.

Yeah. I vote Cracker Barrel.

After breakfast, like I said, maybe we could take a quick dip in the pool? Go for a nice walk on the beach? Basically, anything that helps me walk off fried turkey, pancakes, and eggs would be good.

So probably we will just go sit in the hot tub for a bit.

Eventually, though, we DO have to hit the road. Because we have a 7.5-hour drive ahead of us.

And that sounds like a lot. I know. But woof, wait until Day 11.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. A 7.5 hour drive is Day 10’s situation.

And honestly? There really ain’t much happening on this drive. We will pass through three states on I-95. And while I am sure we will find things to keep us occupied, there will just be a lot of this happening…

Except with less mountains. Exciting stuff.

And at some point, I assume we will have to stop to eat. But no clue where. Especially since the McRib isn’t coming back until December.

What? Am I supposed to eat a hamburger? Like some normal person?

But where is this 7.5 hour drive taking us? To the beach!

Virginia Beach, to be precise. And given the long drive, we will probably be rolling into Virginia Beach between 7:00 and 8:00 PM if we are lucky. Prime objectives once we arrive will be checking in and finding a place to eat with outdoor seating.

And…we are staying at a hotel WITH an outdoor seating option! We are staying at the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront, which is, like, right on the ocean.

I mean, it’s in the name.

Annnnd when I did a simple search for “outdoor dining Virginia Beach,” this hotel’s on-site restaurant, Catch 31, showed up right at the top.

But while I know I could find something to eat there (Truffle Lobster Mac and Cheese…HELLO!) I am not sure about the rest of the fam. The kids could probably get fish and chips but since Nickie is not much of a seafood eater, there isn’t much on there for her besides a filet. Sooooooo…..

We may have to find somewhere else. Luckily, there are a lot of outdoor options on Virginia Beach. Like Murphy’s Irish Pub or Esoteric.

Murphy’s looks like it has some standard pub food with Irish flair (does Irish food have flair?) and the Irish egg rolls (Corned beef, potatoes, and seasoned cabbage wrapped in a wonton and fried, served with grain mustard) and Bangers and Mash sound lovely.

Esoteric, meanwhile, offers what looks to be a super duper charcuterie and I feel like I’d have a really hard time deciding between the scallops, duck, or even their spicy chicken sammie. Plus, they have a heck of a craft beer list.

Seriously though. Look at these scallops.

Yeah, I’d like those scallops. Those are some nice scallops.

After dinner, a walk along the beach may be nice. In fact, depending on where we eat, we may end up walking to and from dinner.

And then? Maybe a dip in the rooftop infinity pool or hot tub?

Tough, but nice, choices to make.

Day 11 – Leaving Virginia Beach and heading home!

Yup, two days in one post.

And no, you’re not dreaming some wonderful dream.

But yeah, I figured we might as well cram in Day 11 as well. While it actually is a pretty long day of the trip, it’s honestly mainly driving. So not a ton to write about…but some. Some to write about.

So let’s do this.

On Day 11, I am really hoping to wake up and get a run in along the beach before breakfast. I mean, it’s a pretty beautiful place for a run.

And I am gonna need the exercise. Since breakfast on Day 11 is at Duck Donuts.

You guys. We LOVE Duck Donuts. Customized, made-to-order donuts served warm. Just saying that sentence makes me smile.

We have visited a few Duck Donuts locations since first trying them, but the Virginia Beach location was actually the first time we ever tried a Duck Donut. And since then, I pretty much keep getting the same thing. Every. Single. Time.

Peanut butter coating. Crushed OREOs. Marshmallow drizzle. Best.

After getting all that donutty goodness inside me (wow, no auto-correct for “donutty”? It gives me hope for this world that that is actually a word), it’s time to once again hit the road.

And this drive is the drive that will take us home. And it’s a 236 hour walk.


Oh sorry. Forgot to switch to driving directions. It’s actually a 10-hour drive.


Longest drive of the trip. And it’s the drive home. Womp. But at least it DOES take us over this bad boy.

Yup. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. We drove this on our way down to Disney back in 2018. And it’s something.  Especially for a couple afraid of bridges (me) and tunnels (Nickie.)

After that, though. It’s just drivin, y’all. Lots and lots of car time. Some road Bingo maybe. Song singing. Zitch dog…

I mean, I am sure we will be stopping somewhere. At least for lunch. Maybe White House Subs in New Jersey? Maybe?

Plus, that would FINALLY give us a chance to catch a glimpse of Lucy the Elephant, which we have always wanted to do.

But. Eventually. We will be home. And while I think it will be sad to see this adventure come to an end, it will be nice to be home, safe and sound. And look, I know this is a trip A LOT of people would not take right now. Honestly, I think people that know us may think this would be a trip we would not take right now.

We plan on being as safe as we can though. And given the year we have had, it’s hard to not look forward to some time with each other. Some time without remote learning/working. Not focusing on politics for a little bit. And while we will have to remain cognizant of the pandemic, it will be nice to be distracted by some Disney for a little bit. Even if it’s not the Disney we’re used to.

However, I do also see us by Day 11 being happy to be home maybe. To be safe, healthy, and ready to kick off the holidays (whatever THEY are gonna look like this year.) And of course, to be back with our Lilo.

Thanks so much for following along on this pre-trip. Stay tuned for the actual trip report when we get back!

Last post (Day 9 – Hitting the Road Again!)

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