Miles driven – 3167

Wow today was a big day. One might even call it..


Get it?

Eh you will.

Anyways, we started the day today in Albuquerque. The alarm went off at 5:45. I know. Early but we haz’d a ton o’ stuff to see. So. Lessgo.

Since we had so much to see today, we decided to have some breakfast bars in the car. But we did get to complement it with this…

Yeah there was a Starbucks across from our hotel. Which we were probably too excited about. But I mean….STARBUCKS!!!!

Today was the day of amazingly beautiful drives. I mean, breathtaking much?

Ohai Jabba

As we were driving into Arizona….

We had this place in mind we wanted to visit since we saw it featured on the Randomland vlog.

The Chief Yellowhorse Trading Post. And the reason we wanted to visit? PUPPIES. As we saw on the vlog, this place had a ton of puppies up for adoption that you could pet and interact with.

Unfortunately when we got to the gate, it was locked. I called and called but no one answered. Even though we could literally see the puppies inside. It was excrutiating.

So we decided to drive back down the road a little bit and visit the TeePee Trading Post. It was a giant TeePee so. I mean. It had that going for it. Which is nice.

It sold Native American crafts as well as small gifts and what not. And it also sold cigars so I bought a tin of mini Fuentes thinking maybe I could have one at the Canyon or maybe in Vegas.

And while there weren’t puppies they did have small somewhat sad horses.

Aw. Hey Little Sebastian

You know what else they had? FUN PICS!!

We got back on the road and drove back and forth on 66 and I-40. We really wanted to stay on 66 the whole time but for one, we really do need to make good time to see everything we want to see. And for second, it does disppear at times. But when you can drive on it, man is it nice.

We did hop back on the mother road right before hitting THIS…

Yep, the Jack Rabbit Trading Post. This place is so Route 66. They have so many awesome things for sale and the woman working there was hella-pleasant (we walked away with some t-shirts, mugs and chipwiches.)

They also had this super neat Route 66 Room that had a bunch of Route 66 memorabilia.

And they also had some Pixar stuff since this place was a big inspiration for Cars. I mean look at this…

They had this first of all…signed by John Lasseter.

And this book, also signed. Pretty cool.

They also had an old record player playing Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits. So it’s obviously the best room ever.

Also this…lulz

We then left the Jack Rabbit and had to hop back on the interstate since 66 kind of just ended there.

We drove for another half hour and hit Winslow, AZ. A place that has really latched onto a mention of their town in a song that came out a long time ago. And that kind of makes it all the more badass.

Yup they have built a whole section of town on the one line “standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” from the Eagles’ “Take it Easy.”

They even had the flat bed Ford…

And the girl slowing down to take a look at me.

Hubba Hubba

And look at that shield.

In our original schedule we had slated today as a day for a fast food lunch but since we had such a meh breakfast, we wanted to maybe have an actual sit-down lunch.

But…the kids wanted fast food real bad. So.

Yeah we had McDonalds. We were gonna have Subway but the guy told me we could only get three sandwiches in the drive thru lane.

So I drove off. In protest.

Viva la revolucion.

After our lovely lunch next to the homeless dog guy, we drove for another hour and hit Williams, AZ. Williams has not one but two roadside attractions we wanted to hit. I know. Mind=blown right?

And I am so glad we had the first one to look forward to since the whole puppy debacle. The Grand Canyon Deer Farm has, well, deer. That you can feed and like, hang out with.

Oh, deer

But it also has so much more.

Like elk…


And donkeys…

Thanks for noticin’

And zonkeys…

Whatever that is…

And coatimundi…


And a very amorous camel.

No kisses for Myles. He requires dinner first.

It was really fun. Even Nickie, who was very very skeptical of the whole endeavor, said she really liked it. She had no i-deer how fun it would be.

The second stop was up I-64 on the way to the Grand Canyon. Oh spoiler alert we are going to the Grand Canyon.

And this place was yabba-dabba-creepy. Bedrock City and Campground is like, I don’t know. It’s something. We didn’t really explore the campground part and stuck to the Bedrock City area.

Now, Bedrock City. It’s odd. It has this whole cool, abandoned playground fee to it but they still charge you to go in. Like everything looks run down and outdated but they don’t appear to be maintaining anything.

Yes welcome. To your worst nightmare.

Its like a fun Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I mean…shudder
“Bam Bam can you help us get out of here?” “BAM BAM” “Oh you’re no help.”

The moment we realized it was too late for the kids

Yet they are still serving food at Fred’s diner (including 5 cent coffee) and showing Flintsones cartoons in the leaky movie theater.

They also still run the train but it had just rained so the seats were wet. We ended up walking the the track.

And so this train goes right to through this volcano right. So when we walked into the volcano we found this display…

Classic Flintsones

I mean. I really feel like they murder people and put them in the brontosaurus burgers here. Jussayin.

So yeah, we obviously loved it there. Well Nickie didn’t. But I’m cancelling our 2018 Turks and Caicos trip as we speak.

So after our trip to Bedrock: City of Lost Souls, we drove another half hour up 64 to our home for the night – The Grand Canyon!

We drove in, paid the 30 dollar vehicle fee and made our way to the El Tovar to check into our room at the Kachina Lodge.

So I mean this place is…ok. At least as a room. It’s s place to sleep. But it’s all about the location right? I mean it’s right on the south rim. You walk outside and this is right there.

The wifi though. Which is why I will msot likely be posting this tomorrow.

On our way to the Canyon, Nickie called and made a reservation at the El Tovar for dinner so after we parked and brought our stuff up, we walked over for dinner.

You may remember the El Tovar as the place where Clark stole money out of the register in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

So I mean just based on that we would have had to eat there. But it’s also where Nickie worked the dinner after she graduated high school.

We got a great seat right by the window with a view of the Canyon.

We also ordered some drinks obvs.

For dinner, Nickie and I split a charcuterie board and the Tovar chicken.

Owen got the quesadillas.

Myles got the pasta..

And we all liked it. It wasn’t our best dinner so far this trip, but we liked it for sure

After dinner, we went out and walked along the rim and took some pics.

We also took this fun foot pic…

Which was a recreation of a similar pic we took 14 years ago but, you know, with more toes.

Then it started to rain and we head thunder in the distance. The plan was to see the sunset tonight but it wasn’t looking good.

We walked into the visitors center and tried to wait it out but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

We did buy some National Parks Yahtzee at the store so that’s pretty cool. And Remember the Titans is on so the night isn’t a complete wash.

And I don’t know. It’s nights like these that make vacations sometimes. Going with the flow and making the most out of a less than perfect situation that is out of our control is a memory that not only will make us remember this once-in-a-lifetime trip but will also help us remember how great we are together as a family. Nothing is gonna get us down.

And who knows…we still have sunset.

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