Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a little while since I posted but since my last post, I have gone back to an old job and been SUPER busy. But I thought it time to get back to blogging. I know. You’ve missed me right?


So, of course we have a trip planned to Walt Disney World. I have mentioned It before but it’s seriously coming up. We are just over 30 days out from heading back. I know. Crazytown.

So, as we have done with our previous trips, I wanted to start my pre-trip reports. You may remember I did this with our last Disney trip and sort of did a theme night/pre-trip mashup for the road trip. In these pre-trip reports, I will be going through what is planned for each day – where we are staying, parks we are visiting, where we are eating and all kinds of other cool stuff we are doing. Now you may think these posts are for your benefit. But they are really just a nice self-indulgence designed to get me more excited about the trip. But hey, you can read them too.


First, some basics of the trip. We are heading there over Thanksgiving week. Which will be super busy at least at the beginning, but once we get past Black Friday, things should calm down. And, going that time of year doesn’t just mean we are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving down there, but we also have Nickie’s birthday. So I mean, expect some surprises. On account of we are Goodys. But yeah we have gone during this time of the year before (before the blog) and had an awesome time. We get to celebrate Thanksgiving, Nickie’s birthday and see tons of Christmas.

Thanksgiving trip pic
This is us. From that trip. I was talking about.

Also, we do have some pretty awesome folks joining us on this trip. The Falzones (Tony, Larissa and Mia) will be joining us for most of the trip. You guys might remember them from my 40th birthday trip. Mia was pretty amazing in Disney World, so we are so looking forward to that.

The best kind of zone? The Fal-ZONE.

And the Chicago Goodys (Scott, Carrie, Gwen and Matilda) will be joining us as well. Scott and Carrie have come on previous trips before and Scott came down for my birthday dinner on our last trip but this will be Gwen and Matilda’s first visit. SO.  EXCITED. They will be joining us sort of in the middle of our trip.

Chicago Goodys
So like, imagine this. Plus Disney. I know, it’s almost TOO MUCH cuteness.

Oh and one more thing. We will be doing something we have never done before on this trip. We will be doing a split stay. The original plan was to split between Kidani Village and the Beach Club Villas. The Falzones will be joining us at both locations while the Chicago Goodys were going to be staying at the Boardwalk Villas while we stay at the Beach Club Villas. That is all still happening. But when we looked at flights, they were super duper expensive flying in on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which we had already booked. Sooooooo, we booked a night at a Little Mermaid room at Art of Animation for Tuesday night. Yup. A triple split stay. Should be interesting. And cool.

cool beans

OK, on with the plans.

Tuesday (Day 1)

For our first day, it will just be the four of us. So Tuesday, we will wake up…


Sorry, I couldn’t say that with a straight face. Like we will be sleeping or something.

We have a flight out of Boston at 6AM with a connection in Charlotte, which has us landing in Orlando at 11:20AM. Yerp. I know, a connection. Womp. But it was the best we could do. It’s also American Airlines. Which is like, double womp.


We aren’t on the Disney Dining Plan until the next day. Henceforth and therefore and as such, we don’t have lunch booked that day so we may be super hungry when we land and have to grab lunch at the airport. I do recall there being a Chili’s there. So.


Then we hop on Magical Express and head to Art of Animation. I know this is a value and we are super snobs and what not but I am kind of excited to stay here. I feel like the theming will be really cool and it gives us a chance to try something new. Plus, I hear the Nemo pool is bomb.com.

nemo pool
Hopefully we find him. Nemo. Hopefully we find Nemo.

After checking in at Art of Animation, we will head right to the Magic Kingdom. Again, this is kind of a first for us. We typically do not do a park on our first day. And this day? It will be super busy. But we have our fastpasses and dining booked and I think it’s gonna be cooltown.

We plan on arriving at Magic Kingdom probably around 3ish and we have an early dinner reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern. So a little early Thanksgiving meal. I’m down.

patriots platter
What up, turkey?

Afterwards, we have fastpasses booked already for Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear Space Range Spin. Pretty good start to the trip. I love the idea of starting right away with Pirate and the Mansion. Classic Disney.

haunted mansion

And then, we have something AWESOME planned. We will be doing the Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party with Plaza Garden Viewing. We are all excited to see the new fireworks show from a good vantage point and also excited because dessert.

All in all, a pretty great first day planned. Again, going to a park our first day has always scared us but having only half a day with dinner, three fastpasses and a special viewing of the fireworks seems like such a great kick off to our trip.

Stay tuned for Day 2!


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