So, here we are. Less than a week until the trip.

Wait, sorry. I meant that like…

LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL THE TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111ONE ONE

Yeah, like a week from right now I will be at the Happily Ever After Dessert Party! I seriously cannot believe it. This has been a weird lead-up to a trip. We had the big road trip this year. I switched jobs. Lots going on so it wasn’t like I was spending every day like…


But now? Now I IZ EXCITE. I mean, less than a week and we will be back. FINALLY. It’s been like over a year and a half since our last trip here. Which is a long time for us. And there are so many new things to see and do.


OK OK On to Day 7.

Day 7, we will (surprise, surprise) wake up early, get ready and hop on a bus to the Magic Kingdom. Whoop to the whoop. Why? Because we have ANOTHER breakfast at the Crystal Palace. As you may recall, we will have already had breakfast here on Day 2 but that was WITHOUT the Chicago Goodys. The Boston Goodys, the Chicago Goodys, the Falzones AND Eeyore? Stop. With the awesome.

After breakfast, some will be using a fastpass to meet Princess Elena and Cinderella and the rest of us will head over to Space Mountain. Oy, finally.

space mountain

Then we will all meet for a fastpass to Under the Sea – the Little Mermaid. After that, we have a fastpass for Enchanted Tales with Belle. Who is the best princess. So.

And I can’t wait for Mia, Gwen and Matilda to experience this. I hope they love it. I mean, how can you not. It’s Belle. She’s the best. Even if behind that fair façade. I’m afraid she’s rather odd.

Seriously, what was WRONG with that poor provincial town? Belle was too good for those people. You don’t deserve her, baker with your tray like always!

And after Enchanted Tales, we then have lunch at Be Our Guest. I mean, story time with Belle followed by lunch in the Beast’s castle? So awesome.

Oh, what will I eat? I am glad you asked. We have already actually placed our orders for lunch so it will be ready when we get there and I got a Croque Monsieur and a Master’s cupcake (with gray stuff.) Thanks for asking. About what I am eating. You are super thoughtful.

After lunch, we will probably head back to the Beach Club for some pool time. We then will get dressed in our finest for our photo shoot on the beach. Us, the Chicago Goodys and the Falzones. You might remember we had a photo session during the April trip as well at the Polynesian.

photo shoot
You better work,, girl.

And then it’s back on the bus, heading this time to Disney Springs. Which is sooooooo exciting since we are eating at my absolute favorite restaurant at Disney World – THE BOATHOUSE. God, I love this place. The atmosphere. The appetizers. THE OYSTERS. Check out these from the last trip:

Slippery little suckers

So good. Seriously, I am so excited to share this place with everyone else. Neither the Falzones nor the Chicago Goodys have experienced the Boathouse so I mean, they better like it. Or we can’t be friends anymore.

After dinner, I am sure we will spend some time walking around Disney Springs. I definitely want to check out the Christmas Tree Trail and the holiday drone show. Because I have a Christmas problem. It’s legit.

So that’s Day 7. Favorite park. Favorite restaurant. Some of my favorite people. We really do know how to vacation.

Speaking of Christmas addictions, stay tuned for Day 8 – its literally vomiting tinsel.

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