OK so Day 3. Pretty. Big. Day. Not only is it all “hey whoa Disney cool” but it’s also Thanksgiving. In Disney World. I know. Thanksgiving is exciting. Disney is exciting. So this is like…


So on Day 3 THANKSGIVING we will wake up early, take in the Savannah from our balcony and then head out to the Magic Kingdom with the Falzones. Now, like I mentioned before, we have been to the World for Thanksgiving but never done a park on the actual day. So this is huge and scary. Because crowds. But the plan is to eat, enjoy our fastpasses and get the shizz out of there.

So yeah, wake up early and head over to the Magic Kingdom for an 8AM breakfast at the Crystal Palace.  I mean that’s a pretty awesome start to the holiday, no?

Not only do we get to eat breakfast, but we get to eat breakfast on Thanksgiving.

And not only do we get to eat breakfast on Thanksgiving, but we get to eat it with the Falzones.

And not only so we get to have Thanksgiving breakfast with the Falzones, but we get to have it in the Magic Kingdom.

And not only do we get to have Thanksgiving breakfast with the Falzones in the Magic Kingdom, but we get to hang out with Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet.

And not only do we get to have Thanksgiving breakfast with the Falzones, Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet in the Magic Kingdom, but this breakfast gets us in the park early so we can take super cool Main St pics. Like this one….

YOU GUYS…..TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, hopefully. I mean, with EVERYONE now on Main St. before 9AM, it might be tough but I think with an 8AM reservation, we should still get some emptiness.

Man, have I only written about breakfast so far? Moving on…


Well, wait but I didn’t even mention Pooh’s French Toast…

Ooh-la-la (Translation: NOMZ)

After breakfast, we are gonna head over to Fantasyland for some early fastpasses. We have a 9:20 AM fastpass for Winnie-the Pooh, which is fitting since we just broke bread with those folks. After that we have a 10:50 AM fastpass for Peter Pan’s Flight so I mean, if the crowds haven’t gotten TOO insane maybe we can hop on Small World or Dumbo or something. Even if not, though, Winnie-the-Pooh and Peter Pan are a pretty good duo.

At 11:50, we have lunch at Tony’s Town Square. Now, Tony’s for us has been hit-and-miss. We have had really fun meals there and we have had some meh meals. In fact, we haven’t even been here in years. I realllllllly wanna love it here so I hope this time is more of a “hit.” On account of I love me some Lady and the Tramp.

Buon Natale

If this were a regular day, I am sure I would order something like the Italian trio (chicken parm, baked rigatoni, fettucine alfredo) but with this being Thanksgiving, I think this will be where I get my turkey dinner for the day.  Gobble gobble mickey fickeys.

However, I will most likely skip dessert here since that afternoon, we booked Tiana’s Riverboat Party and Ice Cream Social FUNSTRAVAGANZA THING. We get to meet up with Tiana and Naveen for an ice cream social, then board the Liberty Square Riverboat to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Again, with the crowds, we thought this would be a good buy so we could see our favorite parade. Which parade? The Festival of Fantasy Parade. I literally JUST SAID THAT.

Belle! Look over here! Belle! Belle! BELLE! Ignored again. Tale as old as time.

Once the party is over, we have fastpasses for some to ride the Jungle Cruise and some to ride Big Thunder Mountain. While I love me some Jungle Cruise, I will most definitely be on the wildest ride in the wilderness.

Any night we get Taco Bell is Big Thunder night at our house. Because farts. 

Then its back on the bus back to Kidani Village. After hitting the room for a quick change before dinner, we will then walk down to Sanaa for dinner. Sanaa is legit a favorite restaurant. Legit because I wrote about it here. So good. I like restaurants where I can look at animals while eating animals. It makes me feel powerful. I own nature. Bow before me, animals.

naan at sanaa
Ooooooooooooooh SAUCY

After dinner, we are free to do whatevz. Will we go to the campfire? The arcade? Look at animals with night goggles? I don’t know but one thing is for sure. I will be drunk. And obviously thankful. Drunkful.

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