So Day 4 is interesting. Typically, when we have visited the World, we usually only visit Animal Kingdom once. Actually, there have even been trips where we haven’t even gone to the park at all. But this trip? We are going there twice in three days?


Yeah, we figured with us staying at KIdani Village and with all the Pandora what-not, probably good to get an extra day at Animal Kingdom.


So we (us and the Falzones) will wake up and head over to the Jambo House for breakfast at Boma. I am pretty excited to eat here. We haven’t been to Boma in a long long long time. Served buffet style, Boma has a good mix of both traditional breakfast foods and some African-inspired dishes. There’s also some French Toast bread pudding. Which isn’t really African-inspired. It’s simply just….inspired.

french toast

Then, it’s onto the bus to Animal Kingdom! We have a 10:10 Fastpass for Kilimanjaro Safaris, which is always a super duper way to start the day at Animal Kingdom. Because animals. After the safari, a few of us have a fastpass for Expedition Everest and others will head over to the Finding Nemo musical.

I know. We have a fastpass for Nemo. But Animal Kingdom is supposed to be heavy crowds today. It IS the day after Thanksgiving and all. #thanksAmerica

We then have lunch at Tusker House. We have eaten at Tusker House before…

I never noticed before but it looks like I was superimposed in this pic.

But have never had lunch here so pretty excited about it. We still get to eat with Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy but now it’s more….lunchy? Basmati rice and curry chicken? Please and thanks. Buffet for both breakfast and lunch. Welcome to Fat Town. Population: Me.

Also, the plan is to meet up with our friends Missy, Eric and their super cute daughter, Livi at the park. I love meeting friends. And they are friends. So I will love meeting them.

After lunch, we will head back over to Kidani Village (us, the Falzones and Missy/Eric/Livi) for a little pool (translation: cocktail) time before getting ready for dinner. Oh and dinner? JIKO! We have NEVER eaten here before. Which is crazy. I am really excited to finally try Jiko. Not sure what I am gonna pick but I am leaning towards the charcuterie and cheese to start. For an entrée, the Elk Loin seems right up my alley but that Wagyu strip loin also sounds amazetown. Feel free to leave a suggestion. Look at me. Pretending like I have readers.

Charcuterie? More like Charcuter-YEEEE!

After dinner, we will just kind of hang out. I think maybe we will grab some wine from the room and head down to the hot tub. Or maybe sit at the fire place. Last time we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we LOVED just hanging out by the fireplace. Its super relaxing. I MAY have even dozed off there.

See? So relaxing. You just have a seat and then get comfortable and then y…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Stay tuned for Day 5, in which we switch hotels and meet up with MORE GOODREAUS!!11

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