Welcome everyone to Day 5. Also known as the day in which everyone is together, finally. On this Saturday, we will wake up with the Falzones at Kidani Village.


Wait, that didn’t come out right.

We will wake up in our room at Kidani Village and the Falzones will wake up in their room at Kidani Village.



OK so we will wake up rather early, bid goodbye to the Savannah (WOMP) and send our bags over to Disney’s Beach Club, where we will be spending the rest of our trip. Oh, how I love the Beach Club and the whole Crescent Lake area. The Boardwalk. The walk to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Stormalong Bay. Ugh, I love it.

crescent lake.jpg
They should call it the NO WAY YOU WILL BE BORED-WALK. AM I RIGHT?

Then, the 7 of us will grab an Uber, taxi or Minnie Van (perhaps?) to the Boardwalk Bakery to meet the Chicago Goodys (Scott, Carrie, Gwen and Matilda) for breakfast. SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM! And just so excited to have both the Falzones and the Chicago Goodys to hang out with for the rest of the trip. It’s gonna be pretty cool.

boardwalk bakery.jpg
NOM to the BOM

Also cool? Cupcakes for breakfast. Which will most likely happen at this very moment. Cupcakes for breakfast is a legit sign of vacation. Like, once you eat a cupcake for breakfast there is no way you are gonna go, “I wish I was at work right now.” And even if you tried to say it, the frosting wouldn’t let you. Frosting is nature’s way of saying, “Relax.”

After breakfast, the girls are going to head over to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney Springs for some princess makeovers while I look to the skies and thank the Lord I have boys.

I mean, what? Nah, I am sure they will all look adorbz.

Anyways, after I get over my whole cupcake-for-breakfast shame spiral thing, I will dry my frosting tears…


…and head over to Epcot with Myles, Owen, Scott and Tony for some early morning EPCOT time. We will probably jump right on whatever we can jump on – Test Track? Soarin? Mission:Space? No matter the ride, it’s obviously gonna be testosterone-fueled. Living With the Land?

After all that hunting or sports or fixing cars that we men do, the women folk will meet up with us in Norway at noonish.

I know what you’re thinking. “But Wayne, Norway is another whole country. How will you get there?”

Well, dummy, I am obviously talking about the World Showcase pavilion at EPCOT.


But we have lunch at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall with the princesses. We love this place for breakfast but have never actually done lunch here. I legit just found out this very minute, it’s not even a buffet for lunch. Well, the appetizers are served buffet-style it seems but the entrees are plated. Which means I have to plan out what I am going to eat.

When it’s a buffet, the plan is super simple. Eat everything.

But now, what to do? I am like between Tradisjonell Kjøttkake (meatballs) or potentially the Laks (salmon). I may have to decide when I get there. I am thinking the meatballs but remember I just had at least one cupcake for breakfast so. That could really throw things off.

After lunch, we have a fastpass for us all to ride Frozen Ever After. I am excited to ride this ride for the first time but it’s hard for me to not hold the fact that this attraction killed the Maelstrom against it. I know. I know….

let it go.gif

We then have a fastpass for the Nemo ride and Spaceship Earth. UGH SPACESHIP EARTH I LOVE YEWWW. Seriously with this ride. This ride is like comfort food. So is cupcakes for breakfast. Did I mention cupcakes for breakfast?

The plan then says we will head back to the hotel for pool time. But I dunno. I have a strong feeling we are gonna head back over to the World Showcase to walk around a bit. There is just an insane amount of stuff going on for the holidays at EPCOT. And by insane amount of stuff, I obviously mean holiday-themed drinks and food.

Saturday? More like FATurday.


Seriously though. So much to eat and drink these days in World Showcase. In addition to favorites like Tipsy Ducks in Love, Grand Marnier slushies and egg rolls, there are things like cheese fondue, duck confit and SHIPYARD EGGNOG WHITE PORTER.

eggnog porter.jpg

That FATurday joke just became real life.

So, the hopeful plan is to start in Mexico and work our way to America by 5PM for our showing of the Candlelight Processional. Along the way, we can sample some drinks and eats and check out some of the storytellers and sample some drinks where we can. Then, after the show, we can make our way over to France for our 7PM dinner. Well, first for a Grand Marnier slushie. Then, dinner. At Chefs de France. I really love this place. On account of escargot.

Slimy yet satisfying.

But yeah, I have mentioned this before as a favorite restaurant. Not only is the food good here, but I actually enjoy how everything seems to slow down whenever we eat here. Our meals are always super drawn out. We eat, drink wine, laugh….and I know some people may not want a slow meal at Disney, I kind of enjoy it at certain places.

Once we are done with dinner, we then will head out to catch Illuminations with the holiday tag. Right in the feels, this one.

Then, man. Bed. Whoosh, just writing about this day has me exhausted. I am seriously not sure if this will all happen as it should but I am nothing if not ambitious.

Get excited for Day 6 tho – on account of it’s Nickie’s birthday!!!

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