And now we come to Day 6. Day 6 is like cool because it’s Day 6 but also cool because it’s Nickie’s [age redacted] birthday! Like, it’s not just her” birthday at Walt Disney World” (which means her birthday takes place sometime in the same decade in which we visit Disney) but we are going to be here on her actual birthday!!


So exciting. Anyways, so we will wake up at the Beach Club pretty early. Like, kind of really early. I think the plan is 6AM. So, early. You know how people talk about relaxing vacations? Yeah, I don’t know what that is.

After everyone (us and the Chicago Goodys and the Falzones) gets ready, we will either walk or take the boat over to Hollywood Studios. Or we will plan to take the boat but then find out we have to wait a long time for the boat and be too excited so we will decide to walk. Hashtag Disney Life.

At Hollywood Studios, we have an 8AM breakfast reservation for Hollywood Play and Dine. I actually really like eating breakfast here. It’s a pretty standard buffet with pretty traditional stuff but the food is consistent and we get to meet Doc McStuffins. Which is the kid with the fake ID from Superbad.

“What? One name? ONE NAME? Who are you? Seal?”

I love when that cop from Knocked Up is like, “your name is McStuffins.” And he smiles. I think I am gonna bring this up when I meet him on Nickie’s birthday. Ha, McStuffin.

Here’s a picture of Mia with Sofia the First from our breakfast last time we did this. SO KEWT.

I don’t know if she’s “the first.” I feel like I have met other Sofias before. 

After breakfast, we have an immediate Fastpass for Toy Story Mania and then we have an 11AM Fastpass for Frozen Ever After Sing-A-Long, which will be awesome because they have added holiday elements to the show. And holiday elements make everything better. Between Toy Story Mania and Frozen though, I feel like we will probably do a few things. Maybe we can check out Launch Bay for a little bit to get our Star Wars on. And maybe meet this guy….

What did the rancor say after he ate a wookie? Eh, he was a little chewy. Bahaha snort.

After we sing along with Anna and Elsa, we have a noon lunch reservation at the Hollywood Brown Derby. The Brown Derby is an interesting place. First time we ate there, it was meh. We weren’t big fans. But then we gave it another shot and really liked it last time. I think the issue was that I went for their signature items – the Cobb Salad and Grapefruit Cake – the first time around and, I mean…I don’t even like grapefruit. And the other thing was a salad. So.


The last time around, I got the duck two ways. I may end up getting that again. And that pumpkin soup as an appetizer? That may have to go into my food hole.

After lunch, some of us will be using fastpasses to check out Voyage of the Little Mermaid while others will be heading over to Star Tours. I REALLLLY hope we get the new mission from The Last Jedi. Because I’m the coolest.

Then, the plan is to leave the park and head back to the hotel for some pool time AND TO WATCH THE PATRIOTS!!! They’re playing the Dolphins so I mean…


At around 4PM, we will make our way over to the Crew’s Cup Lounge at the Yacht Club for an appertif. That’s a fancy way of saying, “We be drinkin before vittles, y’all.” I do love this lounge though. I just think it’s got a cool vibe to it and it has bar mix. Which is pretty much like free food. With every bite, I totally feel like I am beating the Disney system. This feeling subsides once I see our final card statement. Disney be like, “yeah, eat all the spicy peanuts you want…Muahahahaha!”

Dinner tonight is at one of our favorite places to eat at Disney – Yachtsman Steakhouse. This place WAS my favorite restaurant pre-Boathouse so now it’s my second-favorite. Which is still, you know….pretty good.

While obvs the steak is bomb.com here, the charcuterie is no slouch itself. Don’t sell yourself short, Judge. You’re a tremendous slouch. But yeah this…

Sorry Arby’s but THEY have the meat.

Such a great place for Nickie’s birthday dinner. I hope she loves it. Because I love her. And we love love. Love. Schmoops.

And then after dinner? We will head back to Hollywood Studios to check out Hollywood Sunset Seasons, which is a new nighttime holiday thing where they project stuff onto the Tower of Terror and I mean, I guess the Swedish Chef is part of it. Which is awesome. Because I mean, his hands.

Will it be as cool as the Osbourne lights? I mean, doubtful. But I am happy you are trying, Hollywood Studios. A for effort buddy.

I would also really like to be able to check out the new Baseline Tap House as well so we can have MOAR BEER. Or maybe wine. I guess there are all kinds of California brews and wines to try and I dunno. It just looks cool…

I mean, right? 

And then we have a 9:30PM showing of Fantasmic! and our seats should be good because we did the whole dining package thing for our Brown Derby lunch. We just roll like that. At Disney at least. In real-life, it’s all bologna sandwiches and orange drink.

So yeah, I hope this is an awesome birthday for Nickie. She has put a lot of work into this trip (as she usually does) and I hope this day is full of fun and surprises that make her happy. She’s the best.

I also hope everyone else has fun too. Because they are also the best. We are all the best. Well, except me. I’m like…pretty good.

Day 7 = next = Magic Kingdom!!!

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