So now we are onto Day 2 of our trip. Well, we aren’t really. I am still in Massachusetts. But I mean, we are onto talking about Day 2 of our trip. If you need to catch up, click here for Day 1.

So Day 2 is awesome not only because of Disney and family time but also because of friends. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start at the very beginning…


First morning in Disney. Man, I love the first morning in Disney. Like, all of a sudden, I am waking up in a different world. No work. No responsibilities, except HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. YESSSSSS!


The plan is to wake up around 8AM or so. We will have to get our bags down to be transferred over to our new hotel for the night. And then, we will make our way over to the Art of Animation food court for breakfast. I legit have no idea what I am going to eat here. Will I go with the Naan breakfast sandwich? The challah French toast? The breakfast chicken burger? I hope I choose the Naan sandwich but I know I will choose the breakfast burger. Because of the fatness. There is no escape.

chicken breakfast
What do ya know? It’s a little Mickey head.

This morning is a pretty relaxing situation. After breakfast, we will head over to the Finding Nemo pool to get a little morning swim in. And I mean, probably get a little morning cocktail in. Around  11:30 AM, we will head over to Kidani Village to check in for the next few days. Savannah room, y’all. Giraffes out my window. So coffee. With giraffes. Everything is better with giraffes.

After check-in, we will most likely grab lunch at the Maji bar at the Kidani pool. I think I may get the gourmet grilled cheese but I gotta be honest – the baked pita chips and vegetables sounds pretty good as well.


After lunch, MOAR POOL. We are gonna be super prunes by the end of today.

After the pool, we will get dried off and head over to Animal Kingdom. AND MEET UP WITH THE FALZONES!!!!! So exciting. We have an early dinner reservation at Tiffins in the park. Really pumped to try this place. It’s new since our last visit and a signature restaurant. Which, as you know, is how we roll.  As I mentioned, eating is my thing. And this place looks like a prime location to do such things.

I know this is a fancy place. But I am gonna put on a disgusting display in here.

Nickie and I have already made our appetizer plan – one of us will get the charcuterie and the other will get the bread service. It’s a good thing we’re married. We complete us. For my entrée, I am thinking the Waygu beef and brisket but I don’t know. I mean, venison? I dunno. The struggle is real.


After dinner, we have fastpasses for the Na’vi River Journey, Rivers of Light and a night safari. Unfortunately, we were not able to get any fastpasses for Flight of Passage so we may try to get in line just before park closing and tough it out.

Regardless, this should still be a pretty awesome day. Eating at Tiffins. Our first look at Pandora. Falzones. It’s gonna be super duper. And we get to end the night looking out over the savannah at Kidani Village from our balcony. Cannot wait.

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