OK so I think I am gonna cram both Day 8 and Day 9 into this post since Day 9 isn’t really a day. Its more of….a tragedy. Sounds fun right? Let’s do it.

sounds fun.gif

Also, um….we will be heading to the airport Hilton tomorrow!!! So pretty much I think my daily posts from the trip will start tomorrow night. Smooth transitions for the win.


Day 8 will be a happy day because we have a lot of fun stuff planned. But will also be a sad day because it’s our LAST FULL DAY AT DISNEY. Womp. And yeah, I am already sad about it. Now. Before the trip has even started. 2 weeks ago, Nickie was telling the kids, “Oh, 2 weeks until we go to Disney!” And I was like, “Yeah and like a little over 3 weeks until it’s all over.” Yeah, I know….


I am really a joy sometimes. But I will say that this is why the planning is so important to us. It extends the trip beyond just the time we spend at the resort. Planning, watching videos, creating binders. It’s all part of the vacation and in that respect, we are pretty much always on vacation all the time. Since we are pretty much always on or planning a vacation. Which is a nice way to live. See how I turned that around?



On Day 8, we are all gonna sleep in late. Like until about 11:30 or so. Then, we might hang out, watch some TV, maybe get caught up on our emails. After that, we….

Ha, sorry. I couldn’t keep that up. Of course, we are waking up early. Like 6AM early. And we will walk on over to Trattoria Al Forno on the Boardwalk for the Bon Voyage Breakfast for breakfast with Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Ariel and Prince Eric, which is kind of awesome. I am kind of super jazzed for this breakfast because not only is it a character breakfast but I think it’s so cool that the food is even themed. At the beginning of the breakfast, the table receives pastries in a frying pan. IN A FRYING PAN. And man, check out these pancakes.

I’ve got a dream. I’VE GOT A DREAM.

But as cool as those pancakes look, I have a feeling I might go for King Triton’s Shipwreck Al Forno, which is like a breakfast calzone with eggs, peppers, salami, bacon, sausage, cheese and….I just gained ten pounds writing that.

Calzones? For breakfast? What a world.

Then, I will have to have someone roll me out onto the Boardwalk and to the International Gateway for the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow.  We will make our way over to Future World for some rides. I know we definitely have a fastpass for Soarin’ Around the World.  Which, like, literally every time I hear the name of this ride, I am all…


We won’t have a ton of time at EPCOT and will be heading back to the hotel around noon so we can make our lunch reservations at Beaches & Cream. Now, I am sure there is some sort of real food there. Sandwiches maybe? I don’t know. Because ice cream.

Like crazy amounts of ice cream. They even have these whole situations called kitchen sinks, which is like an insane amount of ice cream and toppings. But since the original kitchen sink has nuts, which Owen is not um…nuts…about, I think my best chance of making this happen is to push for the chocolate lovers kitchen sink. To be honest, the chocolate lovers actually sounds a little better. 3 scoops chocolate. 3 scoops cookies and cream. 2 scoops vanilla. 4 brownies. 4 oreos. 2 Milky Ways. Caramel syrup. Chocolate syrup. Chocolate chips. White and dark chocolate shavings. And A WHOLE CAN OF WHIIPPED CREAM.

kitchen sink.png
Hello fatness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.

Now, bear with me here. Nickie was concerned that getting said kitchen sink would ruin our appetite for dinner later. But I think it might be a better situation than all of us getting individual sundaes. With the Chicago Goodys spending Tuesday at Animal Kingdom, there will be a total of 7 of us splitting this bad boy.  And there are 8 scoops of ice cream. I mean, do the math right?

I make sense.

“But Wayne, aren’t there also like a bunch of brownies and oreos and what not. And isn’t one of those people a 3 year old girl?”

And to that I say, “Why do you always take Nickie’s side?”

I hate you inner voice.

After lunch, before the shame spiral kicks in, we will head down to the pool to show off our new “kitchen sink” bodies. Sorry ladies, I’m taken.

Then we will get changed and meet back up with the Chicago Goodys to grab an Uber over to the Polynesian for our 5:00 dinner at ‘Ohana. Hm, there is a theme emerging for Day 8 I feel. Because while there is other food here and lots of it, it’s all about the bread pudding.

Have I mentioned food? I feel like I keep forgetting to talk about the food.

So now, I am sure you’re like…oh the day is winding down now. Maybe an after-dinner drink. Some shopping. And then bed?

Pfft, idiot.

We then will hop on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom because we have tickets to MICKEY’S VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!1111 

So. Frikkin. Excited.

So when people say to us, “You don’t know Jack.” I am all, ” No, we do.”

Oh did I mention we would be wearing pajamas and custom shirts? Because we will be.

Last time we did this party, we got caught in the rain and didn’t even get to see the parade. And still? We had an amazing time. We met Jack Skellington. We rode a ton of rides. And I mean, the Magic Kingdom at Christmas? Kind of the best thing ever.

And last time we went, the treat stations all had the same cookies and cocoa. Now, all the free (well…”free”) stations have different stuff. Ginger and molasses cookies. Egg nog. Sno-cones. Pretzels. Cider. Chocolate milk.

Yeah, I am fully aware that according to plan, I already ate bread pudding and a kitchen sink. This blog is a judgement-free zone.

I really also hope we get to see Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration Show. I mean, the Three Caballeros singing “Feliz Navidad” has the potential to make things epic.

There is so much going on at this party though. Elsa and Anna light the castle. We could meet Uncle Scrooge. Holiday Wishes. Short lines for attractions. I don’t know. Just writing about this party has me all kinds of CANT STAND IT.

So I think the party goes til midnight. There will be a good chance I may not get a daily post in. Deal with it.

Day 9

For Day 9, I really don’t know what to say here. Day 9 is our last day at Disney. So I mean. Sucktown.


And with the whole new “tragical express picking us up 4 hours before our flight” situation, I really have no idea what’s happening.

We have a breakfast reservation for 7:30 at Cape May Café but I kind of forget when everyone’s flights are. I think we are still going but no clue about the Falzones and Chicago Goodys. We will have to figure it out. But if we can go, it is a great breakfast so…yeah. I don’t know. Last day.


Wait…wait. What the heck am I talking about?

My vacation starts TOMORROW. No sadness. Happiness. Pfft, I am going to Walt Disney World. I am so excited to spend time in my happy place with so many people I love. OK enough writing. Let’s get on with the trip


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