We are actually on vacation. Now while we aren’t actually in Disney, we are at vacation. And it’s glorious.

The day started with us working and doing school. I worked pretty much up to the moment we left. Like I sent my last email and then ordered the Uber

And where was that Uber taking us?

Well Santiago was taking us in his Mitsubishi over to the Hilton Logan Airport

But before we left we had to say goodbye to our girl Daisy and thank you to both Nonnie and Papa for staying at our house and taking care of her while she’s sick. Love you guys! And thanks so so much!

Ok so yeah, heading to the Hilton Logan Airport.

Pfft it is TOO exciting.

Because it’s a tradition man. And this time we again stayed in the Executive level. Straight. Up. Pimpin. Our view was bomb.com. Shoot. I shouldn’t say bomb in an airport. Bah I should stop saying bomb. Bomb.

Love that dirty water and all that

The kids were all kinds of excited. Oh because you were on vacation? No.

Oh because you were at the hotel? Nope.

Because airport bags. Yeah we all got cool airport bags full of cool stuff. Nickie opened her birthday bag first. She loved it. She got four new sets of Minnie ears – Rose Gold, Animal Kingdom ears, custom Cinderella ears, and Christmas ears.

So pretty. The ears are nice too. Winky face.

She also got some new shirts, a new book, custom park pins, all kinds of stuff.

Look at mai loot she says.

The boys also got a bag loaded with stuff like tsum tsums, candy, custom park pins, pressed penny kits, candy, candy, and candy also.

A zeppelin! Thats mine!

And I got a bag with candy, a crossword book, tsum tsums, a Christmas lights necklace and other fun stuff. Plus it was decorated with princess stickers so. Obviously Nickie knows me

Who has a princess bag? I have a princess bag!

We then headed over to the executive lounge for some posh what not. We got some free snacks and not so free beers.

Not pictured. Me with grin.

We played some Heads Up…horror movies, sports teams, state capitals, and of course Disney characters.

We then walked down to Terminal C for our usual pre-Disney meal at Jerry Remy’s. And I cannot believe it but we got the same awesome waiter we got the last two trips! This guy, Eduardo, is awesome. He remembered us and hooked Nickie and I up with free soup and, even though he knew the boys were bringing over Burger King from next door, he gave them free drinks.

And when I told him I was looking for yogurt because I’m supposed to try and have some probiotics to combat the side effects of this antibiotic I’m taking, he brought me a whole bowl. Dude is best.

He has a sonic the hedgehog tattoo so hes obvs awesome
To the Goodys!
Italian wedding soup. Itzah good.

The boys brought over their burger king and had these amazing shakes – Owen got a cookies and cream and Myles got FROOT LOOPS!! I don’t know why I made that all caps but imagine me saying it like Oprah.

Shake shake shake senora.

For dinner, I had the smoked turkey sandwich and Nickie had the cheeseburger with mushrooms and cheddar. Really good stuff but between the lounge snacks and the soup, we were so full. I mean I still ate it but you get what I’m saying.

We paid the bill and then decided to walk the long way back to the hotel through multiple terminals. Which was good since that was when I wrote most of this post.

On the way we saw this guy.

Whos the leader of the rug that might be covered with pee?

We really need to try and get to bed early tonight because we have a 6AM flight tomorrow. Which is early. In case you didn’t know.

Well but first let’s make a quick stop…

C is for chubby.

Ok so yeah we are getting ready for bed and packing our stuff up as we speak. Well Nickie is packing it up. I’m writing this blog post.

Anyways, til tomorrow…


  1. Finally getting to read your blog entries!! Sorry it took me so long. Loved this first one. I loved your airport bags (especially the Mickey Ears!). I laughed out loud when I read “C is for Chubby.” We can totally relate! Lol. Love that you got the same waiter and that you took an Uber to the airport. We haven’t gotten on the Uber bandwagon yet, but I feel that it is probably coming soon. We are behind! Thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to reading more!


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