So Day 5. Can you believe it took us this long to actually get to a Disney park? I bet you are all really enjoying yourselves. And not only is there a park but there is also an actual real-life Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) so I mean.

But yeah, finally we have made it to actual real Disney-like vacationing.  Well, I mean. Sort of. This is a pre-trip report so really we have done nothing more than type and read. Still though, that’s something, no?

No 1.gif


No 2.gif


Day 5 is actually considered a bonus day for us (as is Day 6, actually) since our original, original plan had us coming in to the parks ON Thanksgiving Day. So bonus days are best. Because they’re bonus. Keep up.

The Goody 2018 Christmas Vacation: Day 5 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios AND Disney Springs

As you might recall from the last post, we will have woken up on Day 5 in our room at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista. The plan is to wake up early and maybe get a quick run in before heading out. Having never stayed in the Disney Springs area, I am kind of not sure how that will play out. Being so early, I would love to maybe run around Disney Springs, but if that’s a no-no, then Nickie and I will probably just head to the treadmill.

After a post-run shower, we will probably head right out for Disney’s Hollywood Studios! It’s crazy because if a year ago, you were like, “Hey Wayne, think you’d be excited if Hollywood Studios was your first-day park?” I’d be all, “you’re a complete idiot.” But now, with Toy Story Land in full swing, I am kind of pumped. Plus, their holiday decorations? On. Point.


So, while we have a nighttime Fastpass for Slinky Dog later in the trip, we unfortunately could not get one for today. Soooooo, the plan is to rope drop it. Old school Hollywood Studios-style. We plan on hitting the park at rope drop and making a dash for Slinky Dog…Dash.  Slinky Dog Dash. Yeah. We purposely made our first Fastpass for 10AM that day (Toy Story Mania) so that we could have time to stand in line if need be. Being that this is a couple days before Thanksgiving, who knows if this will work out.

BUT. I would love to be able to get on Slinky Dog, have breakfast at Woody’s Lunchbox and then hit our 10AM-11AM FastPass for Star Tours. If this doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. Might still be nice to just walk around Toy Story Land to start the day. Or maybe we will get onto Alien Swirling Saucers. Who knows. Taking it easy.


Ha, just kidding.

No, I’m not.

Slinky Dog!!!!

slinky dog.jpg

But yeah, a morning in Toy Story Land to start off our time at the parks? Pretty kickass. Oh dang. Can I say “ass” on here.

Oh, dang.

At 11AM, Owen and I have a FastPass for Tower of Terror and Nickie and Myles have one for MuppetVision 3D. I know. I mean, I love MuppetVision for sure, but ToT was once my favorite attraction in all of Walt Disney World and I don’t even think I rode it last trip. So I mean, making up for THAT obviously.

After we each make use of our respective FastPasses, I think the plan is to meet back up at the BaseLine Tap House for some beers and snacks. And also beers. They DO have a charcuterie. And Nickie really likes making fun of the way I say, “charcuterie.” So, I am sure we will get the charcuterie.

Right, though?

Our final booked FastPass for the day is for Toy Story Mania from 12:20PM to 1:20PM so we will hit that before leaving the park for a mid-day break. I doubt we will do much more at the park given how busy it will probably be that day. But who knows?

Then it’s back to the Wyndham. The plan is to spend some time at the pool/hot tub and maybe check out the arcade with the kids.

At some point, we will get dressed in real person clothes (translation: not bathing suits) and make our way back over to Disney Springs to take advantage once again of how close we are. I am sure if we haven’t already, we will hit the World of Disney and check out some places like DisneyStyle and the kids really wanna check out the Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar and get a Float Tray. And by “kids” I mean “me.” And by “float tray” I mean “Jack Daniels Sinatra Select.”

This is NOT the Jack Daniels Sinatra Select

I had also really wanted to try the Star Wars Void VR Experience thing but it looks like I can’t reserve for when we are there. I am thinking it might be because they are introducing a new Wreck-It-Ralph experience (that’s the word on the street) but as of yet, that isn’t available to book. We shall see, Ralph. We shall see.

For dinner that night, we have a 7:15PM ADR at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. And guys, I am really excited to try this place. There. I said it. Hot take.

But yeah, it’s a new place since we have been to Disney Springs and fools be ravin bout it. I have looked the menu over many many MANY times and I think I have landed on the Fried Chicken and Doughnuts as my main plate. I kind of have to. I have already professed my love for fried chicken on this blog but also, it’s doughnuts. And that’s kind of a thing for us.

Who ordered the California health plate?

And I am sure I will pair it with some sort of Moonshine as there is a full Moonshine bar on premises. Wait, do I like moonshine? Eh, whatever…when in Rome.


I am having a much harder time with the starters though. I have a hard time passing any deviled eggs up. But fried green tomatoes? Thigh high chicken biscuits? Hush puppies? Gah. You’re the devil, Art Smith.

Dessert is also a bit of a quandary. I really wanna try the Hummingbird Cake at Homecomin’. Like, bad. But, I also kind of wanna take a walk over to The Ganachery and try the House-Made S’mores. I mean, look at that thing…


And that’s kind of it for the plan for Day 5. As with all these posts, things could obviously change once we are down there. So I reserve the right to completely blow this plan out of the water. But for now, it’s agenda-fied.

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