At Day 9, I assume we will all be looking back on the trip and thinking, “wow, it’s already been a week since we have been away from home.” And then we will most likely think, “Man, we really miss Lilo. I hope she is having a fun time with Amanda, our dog/house sitter.” And then we will most assuredly think, “Wait, how are we already out of money?”

Just kidding.

I’m pretty sure we will know how that happened.


Yup. That’s kind of how.

But just in case we still have some money left, Onto Day 9!

Day 9 – More time with friends. More time with Slinky Dog. More time with my friend, Slinky Dog.

So remember in my Day 8 post (LINK) where I was like, “oh, hey I have friends see? See how I have friends?” Well, that masquerade continues as the Hills (Missy, Eric, and Livi) will be meeting back up with us on Day 9! Whoop to the whoop.


Ugh stop. We already went over this.

Before all that happens though, the four of us have to get up. And it will most likely be early. Because this be Disney, y’all.

So we will wake up at probably butt crack of dawn o’clock and get ready quickly.


Yup. That’s kind of how.

So we can be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at rope drop. I think we are meeting the Hills at park open or close to it.  And breakfast will most likely be in the park. And VERY MOST likely, that breakfast will be a coffee and a carrot cake cookie at Trolley Car Café (which is just a Hollywood way of saying Starbucks…ring-a-ding-ding)

Now, the carrot cake cookie. It was once a favorite snack of mine at Walt Disney World. Stuff of legends. Carrot cake outside with globs of cream cheese frosting inside. And “globs” is the proper amount of frosting for any cake-type product. Cake is so secondary. Anyways, thing was awesome.

Then, it went away when the Writer’s Stop closed down. And I thought all was lost and I would have to live in some sort of Carrot-cake-cookie-less dystopia. Until….


They started serving it at the Trolley Car Café. I was all, “YEP!” But all is not 100%, my friends. For I hear tell the current carrot cake cookie is not the same carrot cake cookie of yore. And looking at the picture…

Carrot cake cookie.jpeg

…its pretty obvious it isn’t It definitely looks a bit erm…thicker in the cookie. Which could throw off the whole cookie-to-frosting ratio I have become accustomed to. And I don’t like becoming accustomed to new things. So we shall see how it all turns out. Stay tuned to this blog for up-to-the-minute cookie updates.

And with that – 225 words about a cookie. A-thank you.

No matter the outcome of breakfast, we will have to eat quickly because we have relatively early FastPasses that require us to split up.


Nickie, Myles, Missy, and Livi will be heading to a 9:10 FastPass for Voyage of the Little Mermaid while, Eric, Owen, and I will be heading for our 9:20 FastPass for the Rock N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith!

Owen’s face though.

Love that ride. I don’t even think I got a chance to ride it last trip so pretty excited about that. Mainly because I think at this point in my life, Rock N’ Roller Coaster is really the only time I listen to Aerosmith these days. LULZ.

After half of us venture under the sea and half of us venture over…Aerosmith? we will meet back up and make our way over to our next FastPass for For The First Time in Forever, A Frozen Sing-A-Long.

Seriously, Disney attraction names are unnecessarily long these days. I’m surprised they haven’t changed Space Mountain to Rocket Ride: A Mountainous Journey Into Space.

For lunch, the plan is to head over to Toy Story Land for lunch at Woody’s Lunchbox. You might remember I am hoping to have already had breakfast here on Day 5, but this is different now. Because lunch. And I am reallllly torn on what to ear here.

I mean, brisket melt? Three cheese grilled cheese? Tot’chos?

What are tot’chos? They’re like nachos. But with tater tots. And Fritos. So yeah. #TheStruggleIsReal.


After lunch, I think we will walk back to the Beach Club for some more pool/cocktail time. Or some rest/cocktail time. Regardless, there will be a slash-cocktail in there somewhere.

After all those slash-cocktails, it’s back to Hollywood Studios. Because we have dinner at Minnie’s Holiday Dine. I am kind of super excited about this dinner. Yeah, it’s a buffet. And yeah, it’s at Hollywood & Vine, which is not known for like…the best…dinners. But the reviews on this experience are promising. And we get to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goody (SANTA GOOFY!!) in their holiday attire. And there is a chocolate fountain. Which is my favorite kind of fountain. I mean, I guess the ones at The Bellagio are ok too.


Seriously, I have never hated this buffet for breakfast and the food looks pretty good here too. Plus the experience just sort of screams Christmas, no? it’s like, “CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” You know, cuz of the screaming. It seems a good fit in Hollywood Studios, which is sort of becoming Christmas central.


After dinner, we have a FastPass for Slinky Dog. I know I will hopefully have already ridden Slinky Dog back in the morning of Day 5 but I have heard it’s really fun to ride at night as well. So looking forward to that. And I kind of am expecting Toy Story Land to also be doing the whole Christmas thing too. You hear me Disney? I am expecting! Nickie has her own FastPass for Toy Story Mania at this time since she doesn’t do the whole roller coaster thing.

And in keeping with the whole GIVE ME AS MUCH CHRISTMAS AS I CAN HANDLE theme, we plan on sticking around for Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! For those that don’t know, it’s a Christmas themed mainly-projection-but-with-some-fireworks show set around the Chinese theater. The plot revolves around Wayne and Lanny from Prep & Landing and features holiday-themed clips from Disney movies. Sounds super cute, but it’s gotten mixed reviews. We skipped it last year, but are gonna try and catch it this year. We really like Prep & Landing a lot and plus I can appreciate Disney’s use of CAPS in the title. So I am in, Disney. I am in.


Then, merp, it will be time to say our unwanted goodbyes to the Hills and head on back to the Beach Club. Bedtime is nigh.  And stay tuned – Day 10 is a mix of something brand-new for us and a tried-and-true favorite. That we said we would maybe not do again but now we are.

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