Day 8 is super cool-town because not only are we in Disney, doing super cool Disney things and stuff but we also get to meet up with friends. And do super cool Disney things and stuff.


No, no….like real-life friends. Not my friends from the 90’s.

Wait, that came out wrong, I think.

Did you take that to mean I didn’t have any real-life friends in the 90’s and the only time my crushing loneliness would cease at 8PM on Thursday nights when, for a half-hour, I could pretend I was also part of a functioning social group where people cared for each other, laughed together, and shared experiences? Like, did you take away from that that I would spend my Thursday nights in my dorm room pretending I was friends with Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe (but not Monica and Ross because they kind of sucked)?

Like, is that what you took away from that statement?

Oh. You did. Well, then it didn’t come out wrong at all.

Onto Day 8!

The Goody 2018 Christmas Vacation: Day 8 – Magic Kingdom (and friend squad)!

Being that today will be an Extra Magic Hour at Magic Kingdom, the four of us will wake up relatively early (probably 6ish), get ready, and grab a bus to be at the Magic Kingdom by 8AM. Breakfast will again be quick – either in the park at Starbuck’s or Gaston’s (the warm cinnamon roll is a super good call…and good for me) or possibly at the Beach Club Marketplace.  Or honestly, we may just end up having something quick in the room.

I know. It felt weird to say that. But who knows with this trip. With the whole regular dining plan (and not Deluxe), we may have to eat in the room sometimes. Like some sort of hobo person.


Regardless of what happens with breakfast, the plan is to be at the Magic Kingdom by 8AM for when Extra Magic Hours begin. I think the plan will probably be to hop on something like Space Mountain first and then maybe a little more Tomorrowland before heading over to Fantasyland and getting some rides in there.

Our first FastPass is for Peter Pan’s Flight at 9:45 AM.


Aw though. Peter Pan’s Flight is just the right amount of nostalgia for us. It’s super classic, super dated, and super worth the use of a FastPass, given that lines still get insanetown there.

Fun fact: When Captain Hook is yelling “Help me, Smee” he sounds less like a pirate and more like…an accountant, maybe?

And then…well, that’s our last FastPass of the morning. But maybe given that we had just travelled to Neverland, it might be a good time to grab one of these babies:

It’s called a float. And Peter Pan flies. I just got that.

Yeah, I am pretty excited to try the Peter Pan float. Lime soft serve, Sprite, and a red chocolate feather. Not only does it look tasty, but I am gonna be Instagramming that thing like whoa.

And then we are off, back to the resort.

So like I said, we are meeting up with some non-TV/non-imaginary/non-pile-of-clothes-with-a-hat-and-sunglasses-I-pretend-cares-about-my-day friends! We are going to be meeting up with the Hills – Missy, Eric, and their adorable little girl, Livi today. They live nearby in Celebration so they are actually hanging with us today, tonight, and tomorrow. Which is a lot of “us” to handle. Good luck to them!

Noooo…not those Hills

But we are pumped to get some time with The Hills. And not only because they share a name with the LC-focused Laguna Beach spinoff. But they are good times and are die-hard Disney fans as well. Though I did just find out Eric doesn’t like Maple Bacon doughnuts. Eh, whatever right? I won’t hold that against him. I mean, I can’t let a doughnut get in between a good friendsh…

But seriously. Who doesn’t like maple bacon doughnuts? What the he…

No no…we’re friends. Pfft, I mean. It’s just a doughn…

Just a doughn….

Meh, sorry. But yeah, we are still friends.

And we will be meeting up with the Hills back the resort for some afternoon pool time. The plan is to most likely grab some food from the Beach Club Marketplace and then hang at the quiet pool near the Villas.


Sometime between 3 and 4, the plan is to hop a bus back to the Magic Kingdom (yup, all of us!) because we have some pretty awesome awesomeness in store. I mean, of course we have FastPasses, but there is so much more.

Our first scheduled FastPass that afternoon is for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from 5:45 to 6:45. Well, actually, that’s for everyone but Nickie, who will be travelling Under the Sea with Ariel (on Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, duh.) We actually haven’t been on Seven Dwarfs in a while, so kind of excited to get back on there.

We then have a 7:20 to 8:20 FastPass for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.  So yeah, a trio of rides with unnecessarily long names. Seriously, I had to look up all three to make sure I named ‘em right. But for the normal person, we have Mine Train (or Seven Dwarfs if you prefer). Little Mermaid, and Buzz Lightyear.

Seriously, this is me trying to remember the full names of Disney attractions…


And then. After we ride Buzz? Get ready, guys. This is exciting.

We have the Happily Ever After Dessert Party with the Hills! So awesome.

We LOVE this Dessert Party. Not only is it…you know…desserts. But we really like the Plaza Garden seating area. I mean, I guess I get why the covered seatin g is more expensive but the view is so much better in the Plaza Garden.

Here are a couple pics from when we did the party last year.



Like I said, we already love this party, but being able to enjoy it with the Hills? It’s gonna be off the hizzle.

For shizzle.

After the party, I assume we are gonna be hella-tired so we will grab a bus back to the Beach Club. And then? Bed.

But don’t you go thinking that’s it for the Hills. We have more time with them tomorrow. On account of #blessed.

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