Day 7 is not just Day 7. It’s also Thanksgiving.

And Day 7 is not only Day 7 and Thanksgiving. It’s also EPCOT day.

And Day 7 is not only Day 7 and Thanksgiving and EPCOT day. It’s also when we check into the Beach Club.

So the point is Day 7 is gonna be LIT. Do they still say that? Are things still lit?


Let’s get on with it already…

The Goody 2018 Christmas Vacation: Day 7 – All the things I just said it was

So yeah, like I said we will be switching resorts again on Day 7. But this is the last time. I swear, baby. You gotta believe me. C’mon reader, don’t be like that.

And today, we are also planning to sleep in.


Wait, what?

Eh, relax. Sleeping in at Disney means sleeping past 7:30. #ForReal

Right. So we wake up at 7:31.

And I am not sure how we will handle the whole resort switcheroo process. I know. I know I told you in the last post that I will get into the process for switching Disney resorts. And for sure, we could drop our bags off at the BLT front desk and let them handle transferring our bags. But we kind of have the morning and wanna spend some time at the pool at our new hotel.

So more likely than not, we will head down for breakfast at Contempo Café before calling for a Minnie Van or Uber to take us over to the Beach Club, our home for the rest of the trip. And my favorite resort in all of Disney. Place has the best pool in all of Disney property. And it’s in awesome location, right on the Boardwalk and a walk to both EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And ugh, so pretty it is.

It’s like a beach. With alligators. So. It’s like a movie on the SyFy Channel.

After arriving, getting checked in, and dropping off our bags I can see us heading straight for the pool. Because the pool.


And being that it’s Thanksgiving, I am sure we will throw the football around a little bit. Honestly, this sounds like a pretty insanely awesome and amazing start to Thanksgiving.

Gee, I hope I am not building it up too much in my head.


At around 1:30 or so, the plan is to walk over to the International Gateway at EPCOT and make our way right to Spaceship Earth for our 1:40PM to 2:40PM FastPass. SUCH the right way to start off EPCOT with Spaceship Earth.


FastPasses were hard to come by on Thanksgiving so we grabbed one for the Pixar Short Film thing at 2:45. But don’t worry, we will hit pretty much everything at EPCOT before the trip ends.

I know you were worried. So.

The rest of the afternoon will be dedicated to walking around World Showcase, checking out the Holiday storytellers, and of course eating and drinking at all the different food booths. I love World Showcase around the holidays. I mean, I always have but the addition of the Festival of the Holiday booths has been an incredible addition. Check out Disney Food Blog for updates. The full menus haven’t been announced this year, but I am of course keeping an eye out. Especially since I hear they are adding a new booth this year. Score! And being that it’s Thanksgiving, it’s perfectly legal to shove as much food into my face-hole as possible. I got the law on my side.


Before dinner, we have a 5:35PM to 6:35PM FastPass for Soarin’ Around the World, which should be super fun. I mean, I say “should be” because I know it will be. On account of I have ridden it before.

And then. Oh man. I am SOOOOOO EXCITED for Thanksgiving dinner. We have reservations at Garden Grill. Super cool. We get to have dinner with Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale. Today, I am thankful for having dinner with Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale.

Oh, also for my family and friends. I am TOTALLY thankful for that.

So many characters in this picture.  Plus Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale.

And the food here just lends itself so awesomely to Thanksgiving. The menu changes here and there, but it always includes turkey and stuffing. There is also usually pot roast, pork, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad, and some other accompaniments. It’s all served family-style, all-you-care-to-eat. And we have never had a bad meal there.

Plus the restaurant revolves (slowly) and gives you changing views of the Living With the Land attraction. For the record, we wanted to actually get a FastPass for Living With the Land before dinner as well as Soarin’ but they were not available. Let me repeat. Living With the Land FastPasses were not available. Thanksgiving is gonna be INSANE at EPCOT!

But it’s gonna be a great day. Depending on the crowds, we may or may not stay after dinner for Illuminations. I mean, I love Illuminations but we also do have some time later in the trip to see it. It’s going away in 2019 AND it will have the Christmas tag by then, so I want to see it as much as possible. GIVE ME ALLLLLLL THE ILLUMINATIONS!


We will then walk back to the Beach Club and hopefully have some time to unpack as we are here for the duration of the trip.

All in all, should be a pretty sweet Thanksgiving. Like, tons to be thankful for. Including the fact we will still have like a week left at Disney.

Happy Thanksgiv-BLING

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