Remember after the last post? Remember when you were like, “pfft, there is no where to go from the awesomeness that is Day 10?”



Because Day 11? Oh, it’s just Nickie’s birthday.

Yeah. I just said that. And we have tons of fun stuff planned for the day. A birthday in Disney World is kind of awesome in and of itself. But being Goodreaus, we can’t just let a Disney World birthday unfold on its own. Get ready for some plussing up.


Day 11 – Disneybounding, EPCOT, sleigh rides…a Nickie-stravaganza

I would love to say Day 11 will start with us showering Nickie with presents, but I assume we will have already given her most of them. On account of we as a family are not the best at waiting. But I am sure we will be showering her with lots of love and “Happy Birthday”s will be strewn around our room with reckless abandon.

There is no real plan for breakfast, but I envision heading down to the Marketplace or the Boardwalk Bakery and grabbing breakfast and coffee for everyone to enjoy back in the room.

And then it’s time for Nickie’s first big birthday “surprise.” Those are some hard quotes around that “surprise” over there. Because…well….we are bad at waiting. Pay attention.

But yeah, the bad at waiting thing happened here too. But it was with good reason. I mean, Nickie is an uber-planner for one thing. I can’t just go ahead and schedule something and expect to just have it stay open. That’s ludicrous. You are legit being ludicrous.


Oh right, the surprise. Sorry, I got distracted. When Luda moves, I move.

Just like that.

Well, I booked Nickie a Character Couture makeover For those that don’t know, these Character Couture makeovers are spa services that help guests transform into their favorite Disney characters. Well transform isn’t really the right word though. It’s not like a Halloween costume or anything. It’s more often like a look inspired by one’s favorite character. There are different levels of service offered. I got Nickie the Timeless Transformation, which includes hair, makeup, and nails. Since you can’t prepay, I also ordered a Disney gift card to pay for it so she wouldn’t have to worry about that day at all.

But wait. There’s more. Being that Snow White is her favorite princess, I also planned a day of DIsneybounding to follow in line with the makeover. In keeping with the educational tone of this blog post, Disneybounding is the act of dressing up in homage to Disney characters. Again, much like the whole Character Couture thing, it’s less dressing in a costume but more dressing in clothes that “suggest” a character through colors, accessories, stuff like that.


So I went ahead and ordered not only the makeover for Nickie, but outfits for all of us. Nickie will obvs squad be Snow White, I will be the Prince, Myles will be Dopey, and Owen will be Grumpy. No I know. He’s always grumpy. But this time, he’s like…the dwarf. Grumpy.

I won’t go too into detail on all the outfits. I will save that for the actual blog post so we can show pictures. This was another part of the reason I told Nickie. I wanted to sort of run the whole outfit thing by her. I bought it all and showed her everything after. And she only changed one thing about it. So I mean….win for me.


I think the present is a really nice blend of alone time for her plus something we get to do together as a family…all rolled into one. Man, I am winning all over the place.

Right. So after breakfast, Nickie will head to her makeover at the Ship Shape Spa at the Yacht Club. Right next door. Which is nice.

Her whole makeover thing should take about two hours or so, so the boys and I will don our Disneybound outfits and head to EPCOT for the morning. We have some FastPasses for Test Track, Spaceship Earth and Mission:Space to keep us busy while waiting for our princess to arrive.


And then, it’s off to the World Showcase.  The plan for lunch is to once again hit some of the Festival of the Holidays food booths. And Nickie really just wants to walk around, exploring. We will take in some of the Holiday storytellers, maybe jump on the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico, stop in Mitsukoshi in Japan, grab a Tipsy Ducks in Love in Chaina. Whatever I…erm…I mean….whatever Nickie wants to do.

Quack, quack…indeed.

And of course, we will take advantage of our Memory Maker any chance we can today. I mean, we are gonna look GOOD. So.  Plus, Snow White is at her wishing well in Germany. So we obviously have to stop by there.

Will there be wishing? Wellll…….

After all that fun, we do have a FastPass for Journey Into Imagination but ain’t no one ever needs a FastPass for Journey Into Imagination so we might end up skipping it to grab a bus over to Fort Wilderness. After getting off the bus, we may walk around and explore the resort a little bit. We love walking around Fort Wilderness. While we haven’t yet stayed there, it is really such a unique Disney resort. It’s worth a stop. I think we will probably check out the horses, maybe stop for a moonshine at Crocket’s Tavern, take some more pictures.

And then it’s time for Nickie’s next..erm…”surprise.” I booked us a horse-drawn Holiday Sleigh Ride for the four of us. The ride is 25 minutes and takes us around the entire campground. Which is super cool because the campers at Fort Wilderness decorate their sites like crazy for Christmas. The girl in the video below does a good job of showing the campground and she ends with a sleigh ride if you wanna get an idea of what it’s all about:

Should be fun and I really like how the “sleighs” are designed for 4 people. Because I would rather a stranger not be sitting next to me when I instinctively start singing Jingle Bells. It’s embarrassing.

Especially because it’s the “Jingle Bells, Batman smells…” variation.

Post-drowning-in-everything-Christmas, it’s dinner time! And the whole reason we came here in the first place. Nickie wanted to have her birthday dinner at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue. Hoop Dee Doo is a favorite of ours. For those that don’t know, Hoop Dee Doo is a dinner show that’s sort of a vaudeville-meets-Hee Haw kinda thing. It has a very Prairie Home Companion vibe to it. It’s super corny. And insanely fun. There is a good amount of audience participation, especially for those with birthdays. So…Hmmm…I am actually shocked Nickie wants to come here for her birthday. I’m the one that likes attention in this family.

Oh, and it’s all-you-can-eat fried chicken, ribs, baked beans, cornbread, and strawberry shortcake. Which is important. But even more importanter? It’s also all-you-can-drink beer, wine, and sangria. Which could be dangerous. I internally refer to it as all-you-can-drink-without-blacking-out to try and control myself. Sort of a mental trick.

Ha, kidding. I kid.

Nothing helps.

Given that dinner starts at 8:00PM, we will not be getting out of there until around 10:00 so I think we will grab an Uber or a Minnie Van and head right back to the Beach Club. And after what I hope Nickie will regard as an awesometown birthday, we will all be ready for some serious sleep, I’m sure.

Next up, on Day 12, we welcome more Goodreaus. Get. Excited.